Dothan and Enterprise Martial Arts Academy is a family owned and operated business that has been established since 2001. We have been teaching top quality traditional Korean Martial Arts to thousands of students in the Southeastern Alabama region. Grandmaster Lee is highly favored and recommended in his community for his patience with children and his prestigious teachings in the arts of Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo(Korean Sword Martial Art). He is recognized for his dedication to his students and his great ways of changing people's lifestyles for the better. 


Our mission is to provide students the opportunity to maximize their potential for development physically, mentally, and spiritually through the most prestigious and professional martial arts training available anywhere. Our staff has attained the highest degrees in martial arts instruction. We are committed to providing top quality training to our students of all ages to improve their self-esteem, concentration, discipline and self-control.


Dothan and Enterprise Martial Arts Academy focuses on improving self-discipline, motivating personal development, challenging creativity and open-mindedness in adults, encouraging academic excellence in children, and increasing the appreciation of a healthy mind and body. We uphold and maintain the traditional martial arts regimen while incorporating the exciting dynamics of the modern fitness regimen.


Dothan and Enterprise Martial Arts Academy offers services to all members of the community regardless of gender, age, and athletic expertise.